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L'Educazione Razionale Emotiva


Think Positive

Russel Roberts & Mario Di Pietro, Edizioni Erickson, Trento

How to Develop Rational and Emotional Thinking
This book is the Italian adaptation of PALS/Positive
Approach to Life Situations. This program, designed for students between 10 and 13 years of age, provides a series of learning experiences that can help children to overcome problems such as low self-esteem, a pessimistic vision of life, lack of motivation and lack of confidence in one's own resources.
The course is divided into 10 units, each lasting one hour and containing materials for the teacher, the parents and the students. The life situations approached by the course are the following: how to recognize one's own emotions; how to be aware of one's thoughts when facing unpleasant circumstances; how to realize that emotions are determined by the way in which we interpret reality; how to see negative events as specific incidents that can be modified; how to change a negative perception of one's personality, of future and of the world; how to substitute pessimistic thoughts with positive ones.
The book also contains some questionnaires that can be used to measure the change in children's self-representation before and after the training program.

Russel Roberts

Director of the Mental and Counseling Centre at the Far West Area Health Service in Australia. He ha been a clinical training supervisor at Griffth University, Queensland. He works on children's depression and validity of prevention programs

Mario Di Pietro

Psychologist, psychotherapist and counselor. He studies the emotional and behavioral problems in children's development. He specialized as a Supervisor at the Institute of Rational-emotive Therapy in New York. with Edizioni Erickson, he has published and co-authored many successful books

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