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L'Educazione Razionale Emotiva

L'Educazione Razionale Emotiva

Rational Emotive Education

Mario Di Pietro, Edizioni Erickson, Trento

How to Prevent and Treat Children's Psychological Difficulties
In recent years, research has focused more and more on the relation between cognition and emotions. The new elementary school programs underscore the influence of emotional factors on the learning process and indicate the necessity to promote the development of the whole personality, not simply the cognitive dimension.

As psychological research has shown, reason and emotions are not completely separate functions. Thought can interact with emotions and modify them. In particular, it is has been shown that irrational thinking can produce and exacerbate negative emotions. One of the psychologists who have contributed the most to this field of study is Albert Ellis. He is the initiator of RET (Rational-Emotive Therapy) that the present book describes.

Mario Di Pietro
Psychologist, psychotherapist and counselor. He studies the emotional and behavioral problems in children's development. He specialized as a Supervisor at the Institute of Rational-emotive Therapy in New York. with Edizioni Erickson, he has published and co-authored, among others, Anxiety Treatment in Schools (1995), Rational-Emotive Education (2003, 9th ed.) and Think Positive: How to Develop Rational and Emotional Thinking (2004)

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