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Games and activities on emotion

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Based on the principles of rational-emotive education, this games and activities kit is directed to children between 3 and 16 years old. The aim is to help them gain a greater understanding and control of their emotions while playing. The kit includes a book with many suggestions for the teacher and worksheets for the activities with the children—the Thinking Game, the Feeling Game, the Action Game, the Emotion and Expression Cards and the Emotion Barometer. In the Thinking, Feeling and Action Game,  players follow a track on the board and encounter situations that are difficult to face on an emotional level. For each situation, children are asked to imagine how they would feel if they really experienced them and what they would do. The Emotion and Expression Cards show faces with different emotions—they are used to carry out certain activities described in the kit. Finally, the Emotion Barometer is a wheel on which are indicated the different emotions. Children spin the wheel and explain in what circumstances they experienced the emotions indicated by the barometer’s arrow. These activities can also be used in psychotherapy and counseling.
- Activities for nursery school
- Activities for the first, second and third year of primary school
- Activities for the fourth and the fifth year of primary school and for lower secondary school
- Activities for upper secondary school
- Evaluation tools

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