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L'Educazione Razionale Emotiva

La terapia scolastica dell'ansia

Anxiety Treatment in Schools

Philip Kendall & Mario Di Pietro, Edizioni Erickson, Trento

A Manual for Psychologists and Teachers

Philip Kendall is a psychology professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, and a specialist on the cognitive-behavioral approach.

For the past 15 years, he has been studying the manifestations of anxiety in children and adolescents, which has resulted in the development of a set of strategies for effective intervention and treatment. With this book, Mario Di Pietro presents an Italian adaptation of Kendall's research and methodology.

The text has a hands-on approach—it offers detailed instructions on how to intervene with children and parents and describes a series of procedures to be applied in a school environment. It is designed for socio-pedagogical professionals, particularly psychologists and educators, but also for teachers who want to
know more about the emotional experience of their students.

Philip Kendall

Professor of psychology and director of the Institute of Clinical Psychology at Temple University, Philadelphia PA. He is the author of many books of cognitive-behavioral therapy, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy of Impulsive Children,Anxiety Disorders in Youth, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Psychopathology and Cognition, and with J.D. Norton the manual Abnormal Psychology

Mario Di Pietro

Psychologist, psychotherapist and counselor. He studies the emotional and behavioral problems in children's development. He specialized as a Supervisor at the Institute of Rational-emotive Therapy in New York. with Edizioni Erickson, he has published and co-authored many successful books

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