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L'abc delle mie emozioni 4-7 anniThe ABC of my emotion - age 4-7

Mario Di Pietro

Edizioni Erickson, Trento

In recent years huge progress has been made in the field of emotional education: literature on this issue has greatly expanded and there are many, varied studies. The ABC of my emotions satisfies the need to provide an update on the latest results of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT), the methodology the book is inspired by and takes its theoretical applicative perspective from. It then goes on to present the features of the method and its applicative potential in childhood and adolescence. In particular, this book offers — parents, teachers and educators — a programme of emotional education with clear and simple practical instructions, specifically designed for the age range of 4 to 7 years. Structured progressively, the material offers a complete programme, from understanding our main emotions to learning how to overcome and control negative thoughts and states of mind. With the help of an adult and through fun exercises and delightful illustrations, which will hold children’s attention and motivation, they will learn to:
- Understand feelings
- Feel happy Recognise emotions
- Control anger
- Face fears
- React to sadness
- Recognise thoughts

Socio-emotional education for children
How to use this book
Understanding feelings
Today I feel happy
So many emotions
When anger surfaces
Sending fear packing
If I feel sad
Recognising thoughts

Appendix 1 – Emotional faces
Appendix 2 – Changing faces
Appendix 3 – Solutions for the tortoise technique
Appendix 4 – Interview on Basic Emotional Awareness-2 – ICEB-2