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Books: The ABC of Emotion

L'ABC delle mie emozioni

The ABC of Emotion

Mario Di Pietro, Edizioni Erickson, Trento

A Course in Emotional Literacy
The emotional well-being of students is one of the main concerns of any project that aims at reducing the drop-out rate. To educate emotions is possible. In fact, there
have been many projects focused on developing rational and emotional skills.Unlike
other books published in Italy on the subject, The ABCs of Emotions addresses the student directly and invites him or her to initiate a personal growth project with the help of teachers and parents.
Designed for elementary and junior high school students, this richly illustrated book
will prove very helpful as an aid for the consolidation of material dealt with in class. The text also contains an introduction that offers teachers suggestions on how to help children minimize the impact of unpleasant feelings and to fully appreciate the pleasant ones.

Mario Di Pietro

Psychologist, psychotherapist and counselor. He studies the emotional and behavioral problems in children's development. He specialized as a Supervisor at the Institute of Rational-emotive Therapy in New York. with Edizioni Erickson, he has published and co-authored, among others, Anxiety Treatment in Schools (1995), Rational-Emotive Education (2003, 9th ed.) and Think Positive: How to Develop Rational and Emotional Thinking (2004)

Stefano Mariani

The book's illustrator. He is an architect, an urban designer, a painter and illustrator.
His work has appeared in numerous exhibits.
He teaches design at the ISA in Venice.

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